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Pijnenburg Bosmarathon 2018

On Sunday the 14th October 2018 A.V. Pijnenburg will be hosting the nineteenth "Pijnenburg Bosmarathon" in Soest, the Netherlands.
The marathon will take place in the wonderful forest of the "Lage Hees" (previously known as the Estate of Pijnenburg) with different routes along the forest paths for both the young and old.

The start and finish will be on the athletic track nearby the clubhouse of A.V. Pijnenburg.

The "Pijnenburg Bosmarathon" has been known for many years as an enjoyable recreational run and is supported by an enthusiastic group of spectators.

Organization and time registration

The time limit for the marathon is 5½ hours. The time will be registered by the GatewaY chip.
(With exception of the youth runs). Along the route there will be 2 refreshment stations with drinks for runners.
Shower and change rooms are available in the clubhouse of A.V. Pijnenburg and there will also be the opportunity to have a sports massage.



Please register via our website under “SUBSCRIPTION”.
Late entry will be possible on October 09th from 09.00am onwards at the clubhouse of A.V. Pijnenburg.



All runners will receive memorabilia and the marathon runners will also receive a medal. In each category three prizes are available. Also for the youth both runs and each age category will have a ranking displayed (without prizes).

The marathon relay teams should be made up as follows: 4 male or 4 female or 2 male and 2 female.

The 10,5 km run of the "Pijnenburg Bosmarathon" will qualify for the
"TOP 10 runs Gooi, Vecht- and Eemstreek", a collaboration between several regional runs.




Email: Telephone:
Secretary and Information Leo Kortekaas +31 651218666

Ericaweg 11
3768 CL Soest
The Netherlands
Registration desk Sjaak Vreugdenhil


Clic here for a route discription to the "Pijnenburg Bosmarathon".


The "Pijnenburg Bosmarathon 2017"
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